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This is how the magic happens

Jodi Gaines, Founder & CEO

Jodi Gaines

Founder & CEO

Jodi is our fearless leader with a background in commercial interiors. She designed and shipped showrooms across the country, helped to launch extensive furniture product lines, and created successful brands across multiple industries. By trade, she's a marketer and an interior designer. A results-driven creative. She's designed, built, and staged many properties and loves to help clients realize their dreams. Her mission is to understand who you are and what you're looking to achieve and then set a creative solution in place to make it happen.

Trish Marlow

Home Stager

Trish Marlow is a wife and mother born and raised in Dallas, Texas with an ever-evolving eye for interior styling. Her passion for interiors was forged in “Thrifting Sunday’s” and antiquing with her mom and sister in her childhood, later evolving to pouring over the pages of magazine publications with beautifully photographed interiors and coffee table books in her adolescence. Early on in her adulthood she would find design inspiration in film through the storytelling of set design. There is when the passion became desire. Since, she has worked on a number of interior design projects at the requests of many close friends, family, and acquaintances. She wanted to turn it into a career path but was lacking the resources to make it happen on her own. Then Trish met Jodi Gaines. They hit it off and deep dove into their first collaborative staging project and Land & Luxury Studio was born, the perfect marriage of skill and passion and badassery.

Meet the Team

Jimmy Davis

Lighting & Tech Handyman

Otis Bleu

Chief of Treats

Chris Villabos

Director of Organization