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We had the pleasure of working with Jodi on a complete interior home design project. From the very beginning, Jodi and her team stood out as true professionals. Here are the highlights of our experience: 1.Personal Connection: Jodi took the time to genuinely get to know us. She listened attentively to our preferences, lifestyle, and vision for our home. This personalized approach made us feel valued and understood. 2.Color and Detail: Jodi’s eye for color and attention to detail transformed our space. The result was a home that felt both inviting and stylish. Every corner reflected our personality and aesthetic. 3.Budget-Friendly: Jodi assured us that she would work within our budget. Her commitment to financial transparency and efficiency was impressive. In summary, Jodi is a full-service interior designer that delivers excellence. We wholeheartedly recommend Jodi and her team to anyone seeking a beautifully crafted home tailored to their needs and desires. Thank you, Jodi, for making our home truly special!Read More

Jodi was a delight to work with. Her knowledge and keen eye for detail absolutely elevated our waiting room to the modern yet timeless, chic space we so desperately needed. Her ability to create an opulent space and find quality pieces whilst being mindful of budget is truly a gift! Correspondence was always prompt, concise and we were consistently kept in the know about timeline. Install was seamless and well-choreographed, which as a business is something that is a must. The feedback from our patients has been so delightful and they too appreciate the change! Highly recommend Land & Luxury Studio and look forward to working with them in the future.Read More

I could not recommend them enough. Jodi staged a house that I had on the market, and gave us a few helpful hints on ideas that may create more interest more buyers, Immediately after we started getting offers. I will definitely be using them next time!Read More

There's no better way to describe Jodi other than top-tier! The personalization, customization, and her ability to work with and around any challenges is something you simply don't come across with today's design firms. It's safe to say her work designing and staging our home played a substantial factor in how quick our home flew off the market, and the amount of offers we received. I don't only recommend you to stage a house before selling, but I recommend you partner with Jodi at Land & Luxury Studio - I definitely will be the next time around.Read More

I have a condo in Dallas but live in Chicago. It was time to update the condo and I needed someone to carefully pick out paint and cabinet colors in my absence. Jodi provided a complete package with links to all color and accessory choices. She even painted a sample on the walls and cabinet and came back to the condo in the morning and evening hours to make sure the color looked good in various lighting since I expressed concern that my condo received very little natural light. It was this extra touch that made me hire Jodi a second time. This time my condo flooded and I needed new flooring. She again picked out wood floors, tiles, paint, and accessories. She was careful to choose items that were in stock since there are supply chain issues and time was of the essence. When I was getting conflicting information from contractors and the flooring company, she provided education to guide me during this stressful time. I greatly appreciate her kindness, patience, attention to detail and style.Read More

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